The cascade chocolate fountain gives you another option to choose from when setting up your dessert table.
The top sections of our cascade chocolate fountains are completely interchangeable with the top sections of the standard tiered models.
If you own both of them, you can decide which will make the greatest impression before each setup.
Of course, you dont have to have the tiered chocolate fountain in order to upgrade to this item.
 If you think your clientele will always be best served by a smaller amount of chocolate but a more elaborate, cascading centrepiece, then this might be the item for you.
We are sure that on first seeing your setup, your clients will be impressed either way.
304 Grade Polish Stainless steel
 Unique modern Design
Built in Safety system cuts out if the fountain exceeds specified temperature, preventing motor burn out.
Removable bearing housing
Controls for temperature and power
Stylish feet
Total height: 723 mm
Height of top section: 452 mm
Width of drum: 255 mm
Height of drum: 271 mm
Width of basin: 300 mm
Weight: 9.5 kg
Total height: 992 mm
Height of top section: 633 mm
Width of drum: 295 mm
Height of drum: 359 mm
Width of basin: 408 mm
Weight: 18.5 kg
Total height: 1131 mm
Height of top section: 735 mm
Width of drum: 367 mm
Height of drum: 396 mm
Width of basin: 495 mm
Weight: 28 kg

UK origin
After sale service

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