This is the tallest of our standard-model chocolate fountains. With three tiers plus top hat, this item is able to accommodate between 8 and 15 Kg of chocolate at once.
 Apart from filling the chocolate needs of such large groups, this chocolate fountain stands higher on the dessert table, and wont be dwarfed by a large arrangement of dips and other end-of-meal items.
As with all of our chocolate fountains, SQ3 allows you to easily control the temperature and power, and just as easily disassemble, clean, and transport the item at the end of a job. And as with all of our chocolate fountains, it puts this functionality and ease of use into a beautiful, elegant design with its modern, polished stainless steel finish.
Total height: 1076 mm
Height of top section: 680 mm
Width of drum: 367 mm
Height of drum: 396 mm
Width of basin: 495 mm
Weight: 27.3 kg
Electrical: 110 / 230V | 60 / 50Hz | 500W

UK origin
After sale service

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